Ökologische Farben für gesundheitsbewusste Privathaushalte

Immer mehr Menschen entscheiden sich für eine gesunde Lebensweise und verzichten bewusst auf gesundheitsschädliche Produkte oder Nahrungsmittel. Ein ökologischer und nachhaltiger Lebensstil findet eine immer zunehmende Bedeutung und Begeisterung. Unser Wohnraum und das damit verbundene Wohlbefinden spielen eine wichtige Rolle dabei, denn hier verbringen wir die meiste Zeit unseres Lebens. Um Ihnen ein gesundes und angenehmes Wohnraumklima zu ermöglichen, bieten wir Ihnen mit der Marke MINECO, ökologische und schadstofffreie Farben und Schutzanstriche.


МSS GmbH’s high-quality mineral paints and coatings ensure an optimal living climate and prevent mould infestation effectively and sustainably. If you have problems with mould at home, want to permanently and safely eliminate it, and have landed on this page looking for the right product, we recommend that you read the following information carefully.

A mould removal does not mean simply putting a new paint on the wall. Even a good “anti-mould paint” cannot work miracles! The MINECO mineral anti-mould paintanti-mould paint tolerates considerably more moisture than conventional paints and significantly accelerates the release of moisture compared with conventional mould protection coatings. However, if the wall is so cold during winter and there is a constant rainfall (water drops that can be seen with the naked eye), a safe mould prevention cannot be guaranteed in the long term.

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Primer – Mold Protection

MINECO mold protection is our natural, mineral primer coating, which is applied directly on the mold-infested surface. The highly alkaline coating ensures that molds, spores and mycelia are deprived of nutrients to grow. They die after a short time and remain securely closed under the protective layer. Further spread is thereby prevented.

Antischimmel Farbe

Final Coat – Anti Mould Paint

MINECO Anti-Mold Color is our natural, ecological finish. It is applied to the base coat as soon as it has dried completely. Due to the alkalinity and the rapid release of moisture, it ensures that condensation moisture is absorbed quickly and quickly released into the air after airing. Thus, a renewed mold infestation is prevented in the long term. The special mineral composition of the color ensures a healthy and pleasant living environment. In addition, the room air is free of toxic, chemical odors.

Compared with other colors

MINECO Anti Mould Paint

  • no harmful chemical additives
  • mold-inhibiting ingredients are purely mineral
  • free of chlorine, biocides or fungicides
  • odorless
  • breathable and highly alkaline, for effective protection against mold
  • free from preservatives, stoving and solvents
  • very high opacity
  • washable and abrasion resistant

Andere Antischimmel Farben

  • contain aggressive chemical additives
  • contain harmful, mold-inhibiting ingredients such as chlorine, biocides or fungicides
  • have a long-lasting, foul-smelling, chemical smell
  • are not breathable and not alkaline, which promotes mold growth
  • contain harmful preservatives, stains and solvents
  • have a low opacity
  • are not washable, especially with lime paints

Our most effective weapon in the fight against mould

The high-quality protective coating is used both for the removal of mould and as a preventive protective coating against new infestation in different living areas. The special composition, based on pure mineral and 100% ecological components, creates an effective, natural anti-mould protection. Unlike other paints and coatings, we do not use ingredients that are harmful to the environment or your health, such as chlorine, biocides, fungicides, solvents or plasticisers during manufacturing of our products. Thus, the protective coating can be used safely and without health risks in all living areas such as the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and the basement.

Mould on the nwall does ot only look unsightly, but also affects the health. In order to prevent the spread of mould and not to endanger one’s health, it is recommended to use the fastest possible method of elimination of mould infestation. Our anti mould paint helps you to eliminate mould once and for all!

The MINECO Anti-Mould Paint Set consists of the light grey mould protection (primer) and the white anti-mould paint (finish). The protective coatings are successively stirred with water and applied to the affected surface. After drying, they form a natural and effective long-term protection against mould of any kind.

Mould fungus thrives on wet, organic surfaces with a low pH of about 1.5 to 10.5. Due to its high pH-value and rapid moisture release, MINECO Anti-Mould Paint prevents mould fungus from spreading, stopping it in the growth phase. It dies off and remains sealed under the protective coating.

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Missel

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Missel

Publicly appointed and sworn in at the IHK Hannover as an expert for mould and moisture in the interior.

Worst-Case mould test

Our MINECO Anti Mould Paint was tested and investigated under worst case conditions by Dr. med. rer. nat. Thomas Missel, one of the leading specialists and approved experts in mould fungi and moisture in the interior. The results are outstanding!

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    Silikat Paint

    Test result after 4 weeks of incubation

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    MINECO Anti Mould Paint

    Test result after 4 weeks of incubation

4 reasons for MINECO anti-mold paint



Save time and money with the cost-effective 3-in-1 solution for mould problems in the entire house. With MINECO’s Anti-Mould Paint, you get a mould killer, an allergy-friendly wall paint and a preventive long-term protection against new mould as one set.


Extremely effective

Numerous independent studies and successfully passed tests, as well as thousands of satisfied customers. Convince yourself of our best and most effective protective coating against mould, mould spores and mycelium.


Without toxic ingredients

No chlorine, no biocides, no fungicides, no plasticisers and no solvents! Our Anti-Mould Paint consists of 100% natural, purely mineral ingredients and can be used safely without any health risks, even in enclosed rooms.


Genuine long-term protection

With MINECO, you get a real permanent protection against new mould. The rapid release of moisture and the high pH value of the protective coating protect your walls and ceilings for years. The prerequisite for this is the elimination of mould-promoting causes as well as good insulation.



MSS GmbHの高品質のミネラルペイントとコーティングは、最適な生活環境を促進し、カビの侵入を効果的かつ持続的に防止します。ご自宅のカビ問題があり、それを永久に安全に除去したい場合は、適切な製品を探す際にこのページに掲載されている場合は、以下の情報を注意深くお読みください。
カビの除去は単に壁に新しい塗料を塗ることを意味するものではありません。 良い抗カビ色でさえ、奇跡を起こすことはできません! 冷たい壁は依然として最適鉱物保護コーティング、凝縮が析出し続けるたそれでも冷たい壁に提供されます。MINECOのミネラル・モールド・ペイントは、従来の塗料よりもはるかに多くの水分を許容し、従来の防カビ塗料と比較して水分の放出を著しく促進します。しかし、冬期に壁が寒くて一定水量の雨水(肉眼で見ることができる水滴)があると、安全なカビ防止が長期的にはもはや保証されません。

MINECOの抗カビ塗料 – 家全体のカビとの戦いにおける最も効果的な武器!

壁のカビは見苦しいだけでなく、健康にも有害な影響を与えます。カビの広がりを防ぎ、健康を危険にさらさないためには、できるだけ早期にカビの侵入をなくすべきであります。 当社の抗カビの色は、あなたが一度、すべてのカビを排除するのに役立ちます!
MINECO防カビキットは、ライトグレーのカビ防止剤(プライマー)と白いカビ防止塗料(トップコート)で構成されています。 保護コーティングは、連続的に水で撹拌し、カビ菌表面により影響を受けるに適用されます。 乾燥後、それらはあらゆる種類の型に対する自然で効果的な長期間の保護を形成します。


カビ菌は、約1.5〜10.5の低いpHを有する湿った有機表面上で増殖する。 MINECOの抗カビカラーは、その高いpH値および速い湿分放出のために、真菌からカビを除去し、増殖段階でそれを停止させ、死滅し、保護コーティングの下に密封されたままである。

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Missel



MINECOモールド保護 – あなたを守る色!


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MINECOのカビ保護 – 確信する防カビ塗料!



家全体のカビ問題に対する費用効果の高い3-in-1ソリューションで、時間と費用を節約できます。 MINECOのモールドペイントを使用すると、モールドキラー、アレルギーに強い壁用塗料、新しいカビに対する予防的な長期防護がセットで得られます。



塩素、殺生剤、殺菌剤、可塑剤、溶剤無し! 弊社の防カビ塗料は、100%天然の全ミネラル成分で作られており、限られたスペースでも健康上のリスクなしに安全に使用できます。






MINECOを使用すると、新しいカビに対する真の恒久的な保護を得ることができます。 水分の急速な放出だけでなく、保護コーティングの高いpH値は、年間のあなたの壁や天井を保護します。 このための前提条件は、カビ促進の原因の排除と良好な断熱であります。