MSS GmbH offers complete solution concepts from a single source. The service concept is divided into a cost-optimised process plan with a graduated approach. The actual remediation is carried out exclusively by trained specialists. Our products have been very successfully subjected to a thorough durability test by the Microbiological Laboratory for Labour and Environmental Hygiene Dr. Missel. More Information you will find here. This provides maximum product safety and quality.

The MINECO product requirements are defined as follows:

  • Sustainable effectiveness even in high humidity
  • High vapour permeability to prevent masonry damage
  • Ensuring a healthy living environment
  • No environmentally harmful ingredients
  • High product quality and long durability

The refurbishment by MSS GmbH guarantees:

  • On-time order processing
  • High sense of responsibility when dealing with mould fungi
  • Use of trained specialists only
  • High level of expertise of local employees

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